This piece was written by one of my smartest students when they were assigned a composition about their life as an only child or a child with siblings. I felt I should share it…

I am David, I am 23, and I want to tell you about my childhood. I can’t make accurate judgments on my childhood being good or bad for me. But I can definitely claim that I have learnt a lot when I was a child.

My father and mother emigrated from Armenia to make a living when I was five leaving me here without any siblings. I was left in the care of my grandparents.

People have different opinions about being an only child. I would like to reflect on how it feels to be one. Even when you are surrounded by people, you feel all alone. Whenever you have a problem that you want to talk over with a brother or sister, you strongly need siblings. When you are bored at home and want to play with someone, watch a movie, discuss a question or simply chitchat there is no one around. Everything seems especially boring at New Year. This is a family holiday all around the world and most people like to celebrate it with their near and dear.

New Year has always been a holiday I hate, as I have had no opportunity to celebrate it together with my mom and dad.

However, there are some advantages to being and only child. You have to deal with any problems alone. This may be very hard at times, but it helps you get stronger. Overcoming obstacles on your way you learn a lot, you become more powerful, and flexible and ready for real life.

Yes, being an only child teaches you a lot, but there is nothing I wouldn’t give to have spent and be spending all my life with my family. They are of greatest value to me.


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