This is the third independent class I am teaching. So I should be somewhat more confident by now.

However, this was the time when I felt most nervous. The two previous classes were a success, though my supervisor mentioned that I had been asking questions and answering myself a few times! This is what I usually do subconsciously. This time the topic was clothes and it seemed a fun topic to build a class on. My third class was to be observed by a teacher who

1) was a native speaker (I was so stressed not to make mistakes in my speech),

2) had taught me all the courses connected with teaching (and now I should try my best to create a nice flow, to go from controlled to guided and communicative, to give good instructions, to allocate enough time for Ss to answer my questions. There is so much to keep in mind when teaching!).

3) was not Armenian and would be more sensitive about the timing. (The Armenian time is totally different, and being punctual means being only half an hour late 🙂 ).

But now I consider my class not bad at all. I think there were many and fun moments. The kids were enthusiastic about playing with real clothes I had carried all the way from Ashtarak. I was able to target most of my objectives but left one out because of the time. The Ss were to learn/reinforce plural and singular clothing items; the expressions put on/ take off / wrap round”, use “he/she is wearing” to describe their peers; spell the names of the items, their size, and color correctly. These are all the objectives we were able to cover during the class. The one objective left out was to learn/revise and use expressions of shopping for clothes.

The last and the most engaging past was “the market”. Here the students were to revise and reinforce all the material covered at this class and practice the spelling of clothes and colors. Each group received several clothing items to sell in their market. But before that they should make real tags for them. if only you could see how cute those tags were with a few spelling mistakes and some at sky-high prices!

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to sell them, as the time was up. But still we were able to practice some expressions as there was no class after us and we stayed in for some 10 more minutes.

What would I do the same if I were to teach this class once more? Everything.

What would I change if I were to teach it again? I would use two hours to complete this class. We seemed to be rushing through the activities. Moreover, all the Ss wanted to take part in each activity but because of the time constraint, it was not possible. I felt bad when I looked at these cute kids’ disappointed faces after they realized that the activity was over and they didn’t have chance to take part in it.


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