And here is the 13th of May, the day I had been looking forward to, the end of the practicum. I felt relaxed, as this was the time I would be observed by my cooperating teacher. I knew she would concentrate on the highlights and successful moments in my lesson rather than flaws. This lesson was hard to compile as it fell on the same day with a final exam and a poster presentation of a research project. I was not prepared for my class until 4:10 pm and I had to conduct it at 5:30 already! I was thinking about the option of skipping it and getting a 0 for that lesson, or just dropping in, taking the course book and following it without a lesson plan. This would earn me at least some points!

But no, I loved these guys, I couldn’t disappoint them. They would certainly expect me to do something creative, just like what I had been doing at all the three and a half lessons I taught them.

It is a quarter past five and I have my lesson plan. I have all the handouts and all the fun ideas in my head! But there is no self-confidence. I don’t believe I could have made a worthily lesson plan in less than an hour, which does not include any activity from the coursebook, yet covers all the language points from the unit scheduled in the syllabus for this particular lesson. This is a really independent lesson from all perspectives.

Today was the day I realised I am a cool teacher. I am not afraid to sound boastful. I really believe I am great in class. Today is the day I realised I was born to be a teacher and I am on the right track. Don’t believe me? Come and see me teach!

My lesson met all the objectives, which were connected with the pronouns one and ones. After revising the clothing vocabulary and phrases covered at the previous lesson I had my students elicit the rule for one and ones (having students elicit the grammar rules is something I have been practicing since I started studying at AUA, and this is something that one of my supervisors loved to see me doing. No explicit grammar teaching!). Then I went from controlled practice to guided and communicative. I spent more time on the communicative practice this time. Though, I felt that the students would need more practice before they would be able to internalise this rather difficult topic for them.

I would like to speak about the class management. My cooperating teacher had asked her students to behave as well as they could not to affect my grades adversely, so I could admit that the exemplary behavior at the lesson was due to her request. Well, but on the other hand, I believe the young people are the most honest ones, who react naturally to different stimuli. They cannot keep in mind the fact that they need to respect a teacher if they really don’t. So if you feel respected, then you sure are. Secondly, a teacher receives exactly what he/she gives. So if you want love and respect, just give yours to the kids.

I can speak  more and more about this lesson, but to sum up I would like to say that if I were to conduct this lesson again I would do everything the same. And the only thing I would change is I would never panic because of the assumingly poor lesson plan. The lesson plan is already there  in my head. I just need to put it on paper just the way I did this time. This time only some 45-50 minutes were enough to creat a cool, meaningful, authentic, and well organized lesson. If I haden’t paniced it would take me even less!

When u walked out of the class I felt so proud of myself. Then I wanted to recall the moments and points that made my class a success. Several sentences about me, Mrs. Gohar, and the students themselves were used to create a meaningful and real-life practice of  grammar. The flow went from controlled to communicatve. The class was managed by encouraging the exemplary behavior rather than pointing out the bad ones. These are some of the points that made my lesson a success and gave me the feeling of achievement. These are the things that I have learnt from my great teachers at AUA. For the feeling of victory and for the sense of being empowered and confident I am thankful to my university and the faculty. This university has given me a great base to build the efficient, respected, and sucessful teacher aspect of my personality on. And I know I will do better and better from lesson to lesson.


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