Today’s post is about podcast, podcasting, and integrating podcasts into teaching.

Those having gadgets operating IOs may be familiar with this icon. I personally thought that this was a useless app and was  unsuccessfully trying to delete it from my iPhone menu.

So podcasts are audio files (lectures, talks, music, shows, etc) that are made using  special software. Many podcasts are  available for free. You can download iTunes to your PC or laptop, register with your apple ID or just open an account, subscribe to the channels connected to your interests and enjoy!!!

There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts and channels available on iTunes free of charge that can be used in TEFL.  You can use them as listening material, inventing and supplementing countless activities. Teachers can use this tool for recording and delivering lectures. Another interesting way to apply this tool is to have students make their own podcasts and submit or upload for grading. This type of approach guarantees meaningful and authentic use of the language, and also audience awareness gets students more motivated and responsible.

If you are interested, here is interesting research on how podcasting can improve pronunciation:




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