The New Experience

Through the years of my tutoring experience I had students with different needs for English: some were university applicants and needed grammar prep, others needed ESP such as English for banking, bookkeeping, economics. 80% of all the students I have ever had have come for general English. Basic communication skills, this is what they sought for. But the only feature that all these people shared was they all were adults or people in their late teens.

SO when my friend who has a 10-year-old boy suggested starting a group for early teens I was doubtful. I feared it more than anything as I thought I could not handle it. Not me! I have always got along with my older students but I have always thought that early teens are tough to deal with. Mainly because I still remember me and my classmates at school… and how we behaved… and how sincerely we didn’t care about what our teacher was talking about… and how we looked at our watches every 5 seconds with the hope that the class would draw to its end al last!

I just didn’t want to be the person making all that boredom and speaking words and ideas that would be ignored. So after two months of doubting I accepted the challenge and set up the group.

There are only three people there at this moment. But much to my surprise they like it! How do I know they do? The second time we had a class they refused to leave my room, claiming that the 1 hour was not yet over. They just wouldn’t believe it they were in my office for already an hour and a half. When I pointed to the watch they were just astonished.

Here are several photos from our classes full of fun and enjoyment both for me and my young learners.


20150922_17135720150922_171424I attribute my success to my univerity and my department in 20150922_171857particular.




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