In this post we are going to look at digital storytelling and its perspective as a language teaching tool. Practically most of us have done at least once, when creating a birthday wishes video for a friend. The process is to upload photos and videos, add music, special effects and record your narration. Here you  can have a look at some sample digital stories.

Digital storytelling can be a valuable tool as integrating it means keeping up with the time and making the teaching and learning process as authentic and meaningful as possible.
Research into using new technologies shows positive results in terms of motivation, authenticity of tasks, and suggests that integrating new technologies should not mean shifting from what was accepted and trying drastically new techniques.

I tried to create s digital story. This is how I felt about the whole process. Right after the reading I took up the marker and drew a girl on my classroom board. It looked like me. And I took a photo of it. Then I drew me with my son, then with my glasses on, then with my books, and my bike, then more and more. I added a random ringtone from my phone. It took me 20 minutes. I liked the experience. I will definitely try this in teaching.

This tool will definitely be used in my teaching, and most probably at my next class I will already introduce it. The reason is it gives you authenticity, it respects your interests, it gives way to your creativity and critical thinking. Even more, it taps on your technology related skills. You cut, you edit, you change the show time of each picture. Also audience awareness makes you do your best to produce a high quality video. 20151002_120458-1



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