Let’s have a look at  Digital Video Production and how to use it in English teaching. All of us have made videos in their life, and hundreds of them. The content ranges from wedding parties to our or friends’ children babbling and toddling, sleeping friends to live concerts of famous stars. However, what we shoot is far from being a movie.

Why to integrate it into teaching? It helps learners use language in content and connect it to real life. It fosters creativity and imagination. It enhances digital literacy. It taps on student autonomy. Though they are really time taking.
Many of us like watching movie, but we seldom give a second thought about how much work goes into the movie, not to mention in each scene. If we as language teachers are able to properly integrate it into our teaching it can  work as a great motivator and also hone all the four skills while drafting, redrafting, editing, shooting, memorizing the script, etc.

Here is some advice to give your students when you introduce movie making in an English class. First, the content of the movies needs to be  moderately intense; not too overloaded of events and ideas, however, every good movie needs to have a hook, a sort of an attention gainer. Let the end of a movie be somewhat unpredictable.

Where to get inspiration, you’ll ask? Experts say from anywhere, from the street, from another movie, from a household situation. And in order not to “lose” your ideas you can follow a movie maker’s advice and make small and neat sketches in a notepad.

To ensure that your story has a logical sequence of events and you know where to start and end each scene, you can use a storyboard. In simpler words a sheet of paper with middle size boxes all over it, in each of which you will draw the start of the scene, mention the position of the camera, and the development and the end of the particular scene. This will be kind of a plan that you’ll follow.

Another important thing is less likely to make a high quality film all alone without a strong crew. You need many brains that will produce different ideas and each will be good in their field. So try your best and you will be blessed to see the final product!!!!!!


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