What is Mobile Assisted Language Learning? What can be considered MALL? It actually means using your mobile for teaching and learning purposes. Personally I as an English teacher use different applications on my phone, but my favorite one Mirriam-Webster dictionary.

Why to use phones when you have a computer and a tablet? Simple. Phones are small and can be carried anywhere. Besides, you carry them with you anyway regardless of your intention to use them for language learning. Official numbers say that much more than the half of Armenian population outside the capital have mobile phones connected to the internet.  So they can make use of this for education purposes. MALL can be used to supplement a language course, to make shots of texts, access dictionaries, use as a tool for distance learning. For more complete information visit this link.

QR codes was something new for me and here you can get some interesting ideas how to use them in teaching English.

So get the fullest of your phones and also help your students to do so.



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