20160320_174448.jpgAll of us have ever asked ourselves the question what is the best age to start teaching kids a second language? Well, and all of us have different opinions on the issue, some of us may even stand at the very extremes of the line.

When I had a baby in 2011, I decided for myself that I was not going to 20160320_165741.jpgteach him anything. Literally nothing! I wanted him to be a real kid, just like me, without the burden of all the clubs and trainings that today’s fashionable moms make a big fuss over.

However, it came naturally that he started to ask me questions at a certain age. Questions about everything. And I felt I had to give him clear and satisfying answers. At some point, he started finding and watching English cartoons every time he 20160320_173422.jpgmanaged to snatch a tablet. Naturally, he started imitating the speech of the characters. When he made mistakes or misused a word I, as a teacher, couldn’t resist the temptation to correct him, explain, and even have small dialogues with him. Unnoticeably, he started to speak a bit of English after some months.

Now the idea of those preschool clubs started to make sense to me. I wanted to have my own club where my son could play with real kids, not a tablet, and learn English at the same time. I kept the idea in my mind for more than a year and I was about to give it up, when a friend suggested starting up a club of that kind. She is a mom of two little kids and she is the owner of a big horse riding club. So now we had all we needed: the kids, the teacher, the space, and what is more, horses to ride. Isn’t it ideal?

In March we had our first class, with about 10 kids ages 3 to 6. We sang in English, we played in English, we ate and drank in English, and we learned that we need to clean up after playing and eating. The kids rode horses and played in the yard. It was raining the whole day through but everyone was too happy to notice.



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